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Good place to work . Very supportive hr megan
philip mining
Yes I have a great experience with Monroe Rehabalitaion center I have a uncle their and he’s very happy their the staff has made him very happy with much laughter and love I want to thank the staff for being so genuine to my uncle and keep smiling faces! Oh and recently they had a prom! Just not my uncle but most of every resident their really enjoy it I want to say thank you to every staff their! Thank you for all you do!
Tonya Huntley
Everyone was wonderful in working with my mom.
Ellen Ford
Monroe Rehab is helping my mother recover from breaking her hip. They have been kind and responsive in the nine months she has been there. With their support she is getting close to being able to move to a less intensive (AKA not skilled nursing) facility. A special shout-out to the physical and occupational therapists. They have pushed my Mom when needed and advocated for her throughout. She has been in four other facilities since breaking the hip and it is here that she has been most comfortable. I'm grateful for the care she has received at Monroe Rehab.
Chris Helms
This place may not look like much on the inside, though they are renovating, but the care was amazing. From the receptionist to the housekeepers they were so friendly and accommodating. We would like to personally thank Rossi for her wonderful care of my mother. She came and showed kindness and compassion. Thank you Monroe rehab for all you do for your residents. Don't hesitate to bring your family here.
Shelia Haskin
Our brother Robert Turner spent 18 months in the Monroe Rehab Center. During that time our entire family was incredibly impressed by the personal attention that every staff member gave to him. They treated him with loving care and with dignity and respect. Their kindness will never be forgotten!
Jim Turner
This is a duel review and response to the owner of this facility. From my understanding as a local, friend of unnamed persons, and healthcare professional; Your facility is still, based on feedback received both publicly and privately, indeed one of the better ones! However, your requests to remove reviews based on either biased or personal opinion in itself is very unprofessional in its own right. Folks likely are aware of options you frequently present, consider changing that approach, and stand firm on what can be improved and what can not be for reasons that may or may not be disclosed. At least a stance was made publicly and honestly. You still get a 4 Star for all factors in consideration. Message given only in pure intent. Apologies for any inconvenience. Thank You. Update 1: I do appreciate the PROFESSIONAL response despite minor differences. - Simeon
Simeon R. (The Crohnie Clinician)
This facility always has an activity going on for the residents and staff.
Kisha Mobley
Rehab personnel and practices are excellent. Great daytime nursing and CNA help terrific. Some evening/nightime staff need more training. Food has been very good - except no fresh fruit except bananas - so I bring from home for my spouse. He is getting great care & I hope to welcome him home as soon as he completes rehab.
Kay Bobbitt
I recently had the opportunity to visit and experience the compassionate care provided by Monroe Rehab and I am delighted to share my glowing review. This nursing home truly exemplifies the essence of a warm and nurturing environment, where residents' well-being is the top priority. From the moment I stepped inside , I was greeted with an inviting atmosphere. The staff members were not only professional but also exhibited genuine kindness and empathy. They took the time to get to know each resident personally, addressing their individual needs with attentiveness and respect. It was evident that the staff members formed meaningful connections with the residents, creating a sense of familiarity and trust. The facility itself was well-maintained and designed with the comfort of the residents in mind. The rooms were clean, spacious, and tastefully decorated, providing a cozy and homely ambiance. The common areas were thoughtfully arranged to encourage social interaction and engagement among the residents, fostering a sense of community and companionship. One aspect that truly stood out during my visit was the level of personalized care provided by the dedicated nursing staff. They exhibited exceptional professionalism, tending to the medical needs of the residents with unwavering expertise. Whether it was administering medication, assisting with mobility, or providing emotional support, the nursing team demonstrated their commitment to promoting the well-being of each resident. Furthermore, Monroe Rehab offered an impressive array of recreational and therapeutic activities to keep the residents engaged and stimulated. From exercise classes to art therapy and group outings, there was a wide range of options tailored to individual interests and abilities. It was heartening to witness the joy and sense of fulfillment these activities brought to the residents' lives. The dining experience was exceptional. The meals were nutritious, flavorful, and prepared with careful attention to dietary restrictions and preferences. The dining area was pleasant, fostering a social atmosphere where residents could enjoy their meals together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences. They also allow refrigerators in the rooms of the residents for any late night or regular snacking the residents may want to do. Lastly, the communication and involvement of family members in the care process were exemplary. The staff maintained open lines of communication, providing regular updates and welcoming family members' input and feedback. This transparent and collaborative approach reassured families that their loved ones were receiving the best possible care. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Monroe Rehabilitation Center to anyone seeking a nursing home that goes above and beyond in providing compassionate care. From the nurturing staff to the comfortable accommodations and engaging activities, every aspect of this nursing home is designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents. It is indeed a caring haven, and I am grateful to have witnessed the positive impact it has on the lives of its residents!
Brittany Walker
I love it here. The staff is great. The new administrator do a lot for the us here. Its getting better everyday. It's been a long time since I've been this Happy
Christopher Roach
I like the facility. I feel like my sister is being well taken care of. Shes making progress everyday. Shes also gaining weight. Thanks to the staff for being patient with her. Bringing her here was the best decision I couldve made for her.
Linda Winchester
I would rate this place a five star plus. And that's easy for me to say because I've done rehabilitation in four other facilities and this is by far the best experience.The attitudes of the staff here is great.. They make you feel really good. Jen and Andrew in therapy are top notch in my opinion. They treat me like they love what they do.
Anne Helms
My brother, Robert Turner, who was very sick was admitted to Monroe Rehab in August of 2022. He still has a way to go, but the progress he has made there is unbelievable. This is due to the great care and love he receives there from everyone everyday. There are too many people to name and tell what they have done for him and continue to do for him. Everyone is so good to him. Every department is great to work with. They are all so helpful and kind. I will give you just one example so you can see the love and care my brother receives. I do not live in NC. Joyce Hoskins sends me lots of pictures and videos of my brother. She sends me pictures of him doing walking therapy, playing bingo, and pictures from all the wonderful activities, parties and events they have for the residents. Not many centers would do something like that. They all make him feel loved. If my brother can’t be at home, I am glad that he is in Monroe Rehab. Thanks to Everyone!!
Susan Kineavy
When I first got here I was very sad.I even cried because I wasn't home and I was here. But then the cna's here started encouraging me and taking good care of me.I had a fear of falling but they helped me overcome that.After a few weeks I started feeling better about being here. The staff are amazing. Therapy has been a struggle But then I started to motivate myself and now im able to transfer from my bed to my wheelchair with little help.And overall I'm starting to feel like myself again. And preparing for a safe discharge back home.
Evelyn Starnes
I plan on beginning a life time resident here at Monroe Rehab..I get alone with all the staff and all the residents.Ive been president of the resident council since 2019.The residents in our monthly meeting are saying problems are being solved.The food is getting better and better.Also the environment is clean.And staff are very friendly and helpful and professional. I enjoy living here.And the administrator is very inviting and cares about making this facility the best.
david livingston
My mother has been a resident at Monroe Rehab for 4 months. It took a few weeks for the staff to get to know mom and her family. When I first saw the inside of the building,, I was not impressed. It's an older building and needs some repairs and updates. But when it comes to her care. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. My mom is well taken care of. The nurses and CNA's are attentive and care for their patients. There is no facility that will be perfect and take care of a family member like the family would at home, but I am pleased with her care. Great administrator.
Tam s
my mama was transferred to this facility little over a month ago. This has been a very good experience so far. you can always get someone on the phone to speak with and you also get updated from nurses and staff. compared to the facility my mama was moved from, Monroe Rehab has made things a lot easier for us. I appreciate all they do.
Jamie Mcclendon
Had the pleasure of meeting the staff at Walmart ringing the Red Kettle during the holidays. They were super friendly and enthusiastic about the holidays and genuinely concerned with helping others. Keep up the good work.
Justice Williams
While googling long term care facilities I found this location . I called the number listed and was greeted by a happy and cheerful receptionist . She informed me the admissions staff was on call during the weekends. She gave me the phone number to the admissions director . When I called her answered all my questions and more (on a weekend) . Ms. Harris was very knowledgeable and friendly. She was very patient and kind as I have no idea where to begin this process.It’s nice to know good customer service still exists.
Jacklyn Green
Monroe Rehabilitation staff is so amazing. The teamwork is great and they do a really great job caring for the residents.
altovise funches
The staff at this facility are sheer amazing. I recommend this facility for anyone looking for a place for their loved one to age in place.
KatrinA Stafford Cooper
Wonderful facility! I had was greeted on arrival by receptionist and on my departure by Ms. Harris in admissions who gave me her card for any issues or concerns. The facility was very well kept and residents seemed very happy and upbeat. I have no doubt that my family made the right choice placing our loved one here as my visiting was more that pleasant. Keep up the good work .
Alana Sealy
I highly recommend this place for anyone seeking quality care. The staff and care is second to none. I would give more than 5 stars if possible.
Sandra Kamara
Aja came to visit my mother at the hospital after she was admitted into the Monroe Rehabilitation. My mother was so delighted to see her. She informed me that Aja is a vivacious young lady who brings her joy everyday.
India Bonsu
Josh the admission administrator was a great help with my mother. Please if you’re in need of care for a loved one speak with him. He will help in any way possible.
Great home away from home for short term and then long term if needed!
Wanda Laughlin
Aja and her staff are the BEST! Amazing team
Katrina Tayte
I’ve had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Aja and her family during a family member’s recent short term stay and I cannot say thank you enough for all of the constant help and knowledge. This center is hands down the absolute best and I will definitely be spreading the word to other family and friends. Thank you so much Aja for everything!
Alicia Pinkney
Dealing with Aja and other staff members was very pleasurable.
Lawanna Jones
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Aja and staff and they are amazing!
Bennie Dallas
The is a wonderful place for anyone looking to place their love ones. Despite the few negative reviews, my family took a chance on this place and they more than lived up to their 5star rating. I understand that you can’t please everyone and sometimes diagnoses and reality are some times hard to accept but these folk go above and beyond the call of duty.Aja in admissions made our admission process as breeze (even answering questions and working on the weekend) and the rest of staff followed suit. I would recommend this little gem to anyone. Thank you all for all you do and continue to keep up the good work.
varick bradley
This facility has the FRIENDLIEST staff. They go above and beyond!
Melinda Sinclair
This place is absolutely AMAZING and the customer service is second to none! It gives me great pleasure to know that there are still good and truly loving people out here that I can depend on to care for my loved ones just as I would! The facility is doing a great job!
Ella Glover Pearson
I would recommend this facility... Great staff, great atmosphere!!! Love Ms. Aja... She is great, caring, awesome person to work with.
Analia Salvi
Really great Rehabilitation center! Aja Harris is awesome there and goes out of her way to help everyone. I highly recommend this facility!
Brooke Bunting
I had the opportunity of visiting a relative at Monroe Rehabilitation Center and I am beyond grateful for the love and care they provide. The staff was all friendly and very helpful. The facility was clean and the atmosphere was very welcoming. I am beyond satisfied at how they make the residents feel and make it as homely as possible during their stay here. From the moment I stepped in the place, where I was greeted by Aja until the moment I left, being offered a kind gesture by the nursing stuff... I knew that regardless of how long the visit there would be, by choosing this facility we were making the best decision. If ever looking for a happy and loving home away from home while having to make a decision for self or a loved one please consider this location... I promise you won’t regret it!
Kia H
Wonderful staff!!!! A very loving and caring environment!!!!!!
Jamie Ingram
Aja has been a phenomenal person to work with when it comes to referrals and patients coming in and out of her facility. She makes the process seamless and easy. Monroe Rehab is a better place with her there
Rubyona Whitworth
Great staff with positive attitudes. Aja Harris goes above and beyond to make sure the resident and families feel at home whether it’s short term rehab or long term care placement. Once you walk through the doors of Monroe Rehabilitation in Monroe, you become family.
Amanda Thomas
I had the pleasure of visiting your facility and was very pleased with the staff and quality of care that I witness given to the patients. Ms. Aja Harris was very informative to the care that is given regarding patients' both long and short term stay. I also witness the patients' happiness with the care they were given. In what I've witness I rate you facility a five star facility.
Joy Jest
Very Nice facility with great staff. A big thanks to Ms.Harris for your assistance and knowledge regarding to your short term care.
Ben Jest
Wonderful staff, the nursing team is great. They were wonderful to work with and therapy was great.
Todd Klingbiel
The place is a very loving and caring place. CNA’s and nurses are very caring for the patients. And friendly too. Lots of love is given ❤️❤️
Arcely Cortes
Monroe Rehabilitation is a great place to work friendly staff clean environment and the most important part is that we picked this place for our love one ❤
lanette polk
Simply the Best
Tee Woodward